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Can you Cerakote an 80% Lower?

Can you Cerakote an 80% Lower?

There seems to be some misinformation floating around about sending a finished 80% lower in for Cerakote. So, is it legal to Cerakote an 80% Lower? According to our local ATF field office, yes. Once a 80% lower is milled, it is no longer an 80% lower, it is a finished firearm that does not require serialization (if not performed by a licensed manufacturer). Coating the firearm is not considered “finishing” as the firearm is already finished once the holes and pockets are drilled out. The firearm is logged in with a NSN designation (no serial number) and can be coated with no trouble.

Similarly, it is also fine to coat a raw aluminum lower while it is still in 80% form, but we always suggest coating once the milling has been completed as to not leave any exposed metal.

We hope this clarifies the confusion and puts customer and other Cerakoters minds at ease!


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