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Ventura Munitions

We strive to offer professional cerakoting and polishing services on time, for the right price. No commandos, no pressure, just your vision.

Making sure you take care and are satisfied with your firearms is our top priority. Whether it is cleaning, coating, or polishing, we will go through all of your options to ensure you are completely satisfied with your options and ultimate decision.

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Mon – Fri  8am – 5pm

Sat 10am – 4pm


Ventura Munitions

5725 S Valley View Blvd #1

Las Vegas, NV. 89118

  • Your Unique Style Expressed
  • Tons of Finishes Available
  • From Mild to Manly
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Customers Say

I was incredibly impressed with the turnaround, Jose went above and beyond to get the gun finished within my deadline.

John OLas Vegas

You guys were super accommodating with all my nitpicking, Jose is awesome

Jimmie S,Las Vegas

So far I have dropped off three different guns, all perfect. The store is awesome and the staff is super helpful.

Joshua T,Las Vegas
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Supreme AR-15 Magazines?!?
Supreme AR-15 Magazines?!?

Recently a customer request that we posted on Instagram got a lot of love (and hate!). Just a brief reminder that here at Ventura Munitions Cerakote we can do whatever you need! We will bust our...

Can you Cerakote an 80% Lower?
Can you Cerakote an 80% Lower?

There seems to be some misinformation floating around about sending a finished 80% lower in for Cerakote. So, is it legal to Cerakote an 80% Lower? According to our local ATF field office, yes...

Cerakote Certified Applicator in Las Vegas!
Cerakote Certified Applicator in Las Vegas!

Ventura Munitions is proudly a Certified Cerakote firearms applicator, offering completely in-house Cerakote services. Located right off the strip, we offer the quickest lead times in Vegas for...